Monday, September 21, 2015

Back to School- The Nut Family way!

Welcome Friends! 
Today we get to share Brenda Lochinger's Nut Family series! 

Brenda's series focuses on children who have ADHD. 
Brenda Lochinger was born March 2nd in Milwaukee, WI and
 is currently living in Gilbert, AZ.  She is married and has three children,
 two boys and a girl. She loves writing children’s books and poetry. 
Her hobbies include reading, writing, spending time with her family, 
and drawing in pen and ink. When she is not writing and taking care of family, 
she volunteers her time at her children’s school libraries.

You can preview the books at:

This is a FABULOUS testimonial of Brenda's books-

I volunteer at a local elementary school. These 1st graders can be a bit...well, squirrely. I have been fortunate enough to know Brenda for many years and received a copy of this book. LOVE IT! I took it to the school with me on my volunteer day. All three 1st grade classes loved it! When the kids start getting distracted and/or act up, all I have to do is ask "Where is squirrel behavior accepted?" They quiet down and remind me how much they enjoyed this book. 

When I read the book to each class, I included a brief discussion about ADD and ADHD. We talked about the differences and quite a few kids raised their hands to tell me that they have been diagnosed as either. Each page took approximately 2 minutes as we discussed Squirrely's behavior and whether it was acceptable or not. When the story ended, I explained to each class that Mrs. Tina is just like Squirrely. They all looked so shocked....wondering what I meant by that. Here I was sitting still, reading, and keeping the class in check. I further explained that Mrs. Tina has ADD and takes medicine every morning with breakfast. And because of that medicine, I'm able to focus, stay on track, and do more than one thing at a time. I passed on Brenda's name and information to the school counselor and librarian. They both want copies of this amazing book to share with family, friends, and students.

Thank you Brenda for bringing this topic to light. Everyone needs to understand that ADD and ADHD are not naughty words, and should not be thought of as taboo. Awareness is key!
~Tina, a school staffer. 

Visit The Nut Family at:

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-Comment below with a fact, or question you
have about children who might be a "little squirrely"
and Brenda will choose a winner on 10/1/2015.- 

Winner will receive a bookmark and an ebook of I'm Twirrely!

*Kidtales is NOT responsible for giveaway, 
we are only hosting for an amazing author who was 
generous enough to offer a giveaway. 
Three Cheers for Brenda and
 her amazing ADHD Awareness reads. *