Thursday, June 19, 2014

Messy Jessy by Jayne Peters-5 high stars

Oh my. Sometimes you read a book from your childhood and it brings back beautiful memories...however, I have yet to read a book where I felt like my childhood was being written about, until now! Intro Messy Jessy. 

Messy Jessy is about a young girl who clearly can't be messy, because you can't be messy when your just being YOU! 

Jayne Peters has captured the essence of being a child and enjoying childhood!! Now days we all rush our children into perfection. We want them to be clean, be responsible, take care if things, and be smart---but we often forget all the FUN that came with being a child. Messy Jessy reminded me to let my kids make crazy messy, dance in the rain, play in puddles (with bars of soap like we did as a kid-yea bubbles!!), and enjoy the silliness of life!! 

Illustrations by Adam Murray were very eye-catching, colorful, and detail oriented! They bring the story to life. 

I'm happy to say this is EASILY a five star, educational, family oriented, and creative read! One I would highly recommend!

Messy Jessy is a rhyming picture book about a young girl and her zest for
life. It is a story that parents and children can relate well to. A line that repeats throughout the story is "I am not Messy Jessy. I just love being me." Parents and teachers can discuss the importance of loving who you are.

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Messy Jessy could be my life! 
That little red head, messy, silly girl! 


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Whispering Wings Review: WB

Good Day Folks,

Whispering Wings by Jayne Peters

This book would be wonderful to read to kids and older kids will enjoy this magical story of five magical special butterflies. The illustrations by Mike Ferrin, add to the story and will be enjoyed.

I truly enjoyed this book. A young boy named Nick, who is dealing with getting his strength back after accident has positive messages he wants to share and help others. He discovers five caterpillars on his window sill all special and different markings help him help others. They all crawl into his shirt pocket. The caterpillars change into Butterflies and fly out of Nick’s pocket and whisper a message to those having a difficult time. The orange is first and whispers patience to his sister.  The next one had wings that looked like stained glass and whispered to his mother helpfulness. The next butterfly whispered cooperation to his father so Nick helped with fixing his sister’s bike.  Then a dark reddish-brown coat with black and white trim butterfly flew over to his other sister and whispered friendliness. His little sister comes running out and says “You can’t catch me.” Nick run lopsided with his artificial leg and begins to tear up. The last butterfly fluttered out of his pocket and whispersdetermination.  He ran harder and faster and caught up to his sister. Everyone watches in amazement. That evening when he looks at his window all five beautiful butterflies are there waiting for him to open the window.  Tender magical familyadventure with five important words to remember is a wonderful read.

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Little Information about the Author Jayne Peters

Jayne Peters is an elementary school teacher who has taught in Nova Scotia for more than twenty years. As a child she loved sneaking up on tadpoles and walking in the rain. Today, she loves chocolate, sunny days and country music. She currently lives in a house filled with red heads, loves molasses on “Grampy’s” homemade bread and wants the covers to stay neatly tucked in at night. When she isn’t teaching, reading or writing you will find her practicing yoga and spending quality time with her family. Whispering Wings is her second children’s book, inspired by a Virtues Project workshop she attended. Jayne lives in Nova Scotia, with her husband and their three children.

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Thank you for stopping in. Hope you enjoyedWhispering Wings by Jayne PetersEnjoy the adventure every day brings you, WB  

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Where Is Scales by Celeste Little reviewed by Wendy

Where is Scales? 

By Celeste Little Adventure

5 star adventure ages 5-8

Good Day Folks,

Where is Scales, by Celeste Little, is a fun adventure with a life learning lesson at the end. This would be a fun story to read to children too. Children will feel like they are part of the adventure trying to help Tommy find Scales the Lizard at school.  I enjoyed the story and think children will laugh and have fun with this story.  The illustrations by Mike Motz are fun, exciting and add to the story.  Tommy decides to bring his lizard scales to school. The lizard decides to explore and have fun traveling around the school. Tommy and his friends attempt to find Scales. They spot him but cannot capture him. At the end of the day Tommy thinks his lizard Scales is gone for good. As he is backing up his backpack Scales is sleeping after all his adventures during school.  Tommy learns a lesson that he will never bring Scales his pet lizard to school again.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed my reading adventure of Where is Scales, by Celeste Little. Enjoy the adventure every day brings you. WB