Thursday, June 19, 2014

Messy Jessy by Jayne Peters-5 high stars

Oh my. Sometimes you read a book from your childhood and it brings back beautiful memories...however, I have yet to read a book where I felt like my childhood was being written about, until now! Intro Messy Jessy. 

Messy Jessy is about a young girl who clearly can't be messy, because you can't be messy when your just being YOU! 

Jayne Peters has captured the essence of being a child and enjoying childhood!! Now days we all rush our children into perfection. We want them to be clean, be responsible, take care if things, and be smart---but we often forget all the FUN that came with being a child. Messy Jessy reminded me to let my kids make crazy messy, dance in the rain, play in puddles (with bars of soap like we did as a kid-yea bubbles!!), and enjoy the silliness of life!! 

Illustrations by Adam Murray were very eye-catching, colorful, and detail oriented! They bring the story to life. 

I'm happy to say this is EASILY a five star, educational, family oriented, and creative read! One I would highly recommend!

Messy Jessy is a rhyming picture book about a young girl and her zest for
life. It is a story that parents and children can relate well to. A line that repeats throughout the story is "I am not Messy Jessy. I just love being me." Parents and teachers can discuss the importance of loving who you are.

You can find out more about the book at:

Messy Jessy could be my life! 
That little red head, messy, silly girl! 


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