Thursday, June 5, 2014

Where Is Scales by Celeste Little reviewed by Wendy

Where is Scales? 

By Celeste Little Adventure

5 star adventure ages 5-8

Good Day Folks,

Where is Scales, by Celeste Little, is a fun adventure with a life learning lesson at the end. This would be a fun story to read to children too. Children will feel like they are part of the adventure trying to help Tommy find Scales the Lizard at school.  I enjoyed the story and think children will laugh and have fun with this story.  The illustrations by Mike Motz are fun, exciting and add to the story.  Tommy decides to bring his lizard scales to school. The lizard decides to explore and have fun traveling around the school. Tommy and his friends attempt to find Scales. They spot him but cannot capture him. At the end of the day Tommy thinks his lizard Scales is gone for good. As he is backing up his backpack Scales is sleeping after all his adventures during school.  Tommy learns a lesson that he will never bring Scales his pet lizard to school again.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed my reading adventure of Where is Scales, by Celeste Little. Enjoy the adventure every day brings you. WB  

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