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Beautiful Story, magical family of Thimble Kisses

                                              *Belinda is a mother, grandmother, 
                                          and avid author supporter of books she loves!*

  This is an absolute read for all children of any age - 
it tells of a little boy who wants to buy his mom
 a Christmas gift and what he gets and the meaning of it - 
This author has written this short story with so much emotion and love
 - Would definitely recommend this book to all - 
Thank you Crystal for this heartwarming story 
of a little boy's love and how he expresses it.
Review by Author Wendy Nystrom
Thimble Kisses by Crystal Clifton
 This book is a tender endearing story. 
The story centers around a young boy 
who wants to give his mother a kiss for Christmas.
 He thinks this is the perfect gift.
He convinces his father that the kisses
 are  in the sewing section at the store. 
He looks up at the thimbles and there are
 different colored and decorated ones. 
Each child picks out a thimble kiss for their mother. 
She adores the special gift of love from each child 
and as each one grows up and leaves the house 
she sends them on their way with a thimble kiss
 to remind them of their mother.  
The book is not only about special Christmas memories
 but expressing love for mothers with a simple gift.  
This is a wonderful book of family love 
to share with children any time of the year.


Candice Simpson and Family Review
This book is just adorable.
 I wasn't quiet sure I'd want to read it now,
 it seems more Holiday themed. 
However, I must say-its mommy themed. 
Its all about the love one boy has 
and shared with his mom, and his family. 
 It showcases the family values 
you can truly instill in your children,
 the love you can share forever on, 
and that sometimes the simplest of gifts are the best. 
Way to go Andy!
 And good job mommy 
passing them off as each child left (tears-I never want that day to come!).

The illustrations are hand-drawn,
 which adds an element to the book that newer styles don't have, 
and it certainly increases the value of the story. 
I also love the way the words were chosen,
 the format, and the details (especially at the store). 
5 star quality all around.

This really is an adorable book, 
all families and children will love it!
 Can't wait for my boys to review. <3

Can't wait to read more from Crystal Clifton.
And I can now say...
we are ALL anxiously awaiting...
Jefferson The Colorful Caterpillar!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Earning Your Way...An Interview with Crystal B. Clifton

When your a child you think about what you want to do as an adult. 
But when your an adult, you often think about what you did as a child...
and sometimes, those two things come together,
thus making a dream come true,
like it did for Crystal B Clifton, Author.
Below is a candid fun interview with Crystal.

It contains writing things, silly interview fun,
and a few little secrets! 

1) Where did you get your inspiration for writing?
 Well I have been writing since I was eleven years old, 
things like poetry, short stories, plays and songs. 
The books I write now are children's books 
inspired by watching my kids grow up and my grand babies.

2) Where did you get your idea for Thimble Kisses?
 And for Jefferson the Caterpillar?   
Thimble kisses is actually loosely based on something my kids
 did for me when they were little. I just changed it up 
a little to fit the family oriented theme of Love. 
Jefferson I sat down and wrote back in 1997 
on my oldest daughter's Birthday 
 while sitting in my living room being bored. LOL.

3) What do you see in your future of writing? 
 Praying for success and I would love to see them animated maybe one day.

4) Will you always write children's books or will you venture? 
 I am going to venture out I have been working on an 
N/A book for a while just gotta get back to it but
 my passion is children's books and always will be.

 5) Are your characters based on anyone? 
 Thimble Kisses books are my own four children actually.
 Andy is my oldest Randy, Jenny is my oldest daughter,
 Heather Jean, Suzy is my youngest daughter,
 Nancy Sue and the baby Clayton is my baby Joseph Clay. 
I played to their names.
 Jefferson is generic not from anyone.

6) What lead you to Anchor Group? 
I have been promoting Stacey Rourke since
 The Conduit released and well it kind of grew from there.

 Tell us a little about you... 

A) Did you always want to write?  
 I read Laura Ingalls Wlders books in the fourth grade 
and watched every episode. The one show that made me
 want to be a writer was The Walton’s Homecoming.
 When John Boy was given the Big Chief tablets for Christmas.
 I watched all of The Walton’s as well. 
I have always pretty much been fascinated by writing. 
I did Drama in High School(Love acting) 
and I LOVE to Sing as well, but writing has always been my passion.

B) Do you have a family? 
I will be married for 30 years (WoW) on April 7th.
 I have four children and 6 grand children

C) Do you work besides being an author? 
 I live with my oldest son and daughter in law 
and help with my granddaughter Bella.
 That is my job and I love it.

D) What kind of hobbies do you enjoy? 
 I Love Crafting and pretty much anything I can do that is fast and fun

E) Do you have pets? 
 Well the kids have a cat named Samuel L Catson.
 He is a 20lb Tabby that says Hello and cries for no reason LOL

F) What is the most embarrassing thing you have done/participated in?  
Well I use to sell cosmetics and we were standing at a convention one year
 and clapping and sort dancing to some music( I don’t embarrass by the way) 
and my slip fell down around my ankles and
I just kicked it behind me against the wall and 
everyone busted out laughing. LOL

 G) What is something humbling you have done and learned from? 
My husband had an accident one year and we had no money for the 
kids Christmas and our awesome land lord played Santa and
 gave the kids Christmas that year, it made me realize we were 
never destitute and that we were lucky. 
It also helped me pay it forward in the future.

H) Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
Hopefully as a successful writer and happy as well as a lot healthier.

    Silly fun:
1) You just inherited the Trump Towers- what do you do first?  

2) You won a trip around the world, but you pick the destinations, 
where are you visiting and why?  
 Paris France because it’s my lifelong dream to see 
the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham palace because
 I just want to lol
 Ireland because it’s just gorgeous 
and I personally know someone from there. :) 
and every Authors  house I have met on FB hehehehehe

 3) Your hosting a fancy dinner-what foods will be treated to?  
 Seafood, Pizza, and anything with cheese, 
White chocolate and mint related LOL

4) Morning person or night person?  
Morning person now days

 5) Favorite cold breakfast food?  
Cereal of all types (I'm not choosey)

6) Authors have multiple personalities...
what are some of yours, and how do they behave? 
 I am a child at heart and sometimes I act immature. 
Other than that I want to be a teen again I love music and such lol

 7) Describe yourself using these letters CRYSTAL...
 C-caring, R-realistic, Y- young at heart, S-stable, T-tough to a point,
 A-able be what I want, L-Loving

8) Favorite Drink :
 Dr Pepper

9) Favorite restaurant.

 10) What is something unique about you?   
I design wedding flower bouquets

11) You just won the lottery-what do you do? 
 Pay off my kids and parents bills, 
buy me a car pay my debts, then worry about the rest.

12) What is your favorite quote in life? 
Believe (just simply that)

If you could tell your childhood self
 some advice for the future-what would that be?  
 Start writing now and save every piece of it. 
Oh and watch out for that bully LOL

And lastly---If you had to give advice to children out 
there wanting to become an author, 
aspiring to get their books published... what would that be? 
  Believe in yourself, Never quit and listen when given advice
 but never let anyone tell you that you can't or won't ever do it. 
Your future is yours and yours alone.

What is your Favorite book?
  Oh my I have too many but I would have to say
 The Little House Series by Laura Ingalls Wlder

 What classics do you recommend  to teens?   
To Kill a Mocking Bird, Death Be Not Proud, Romeo and Juliet(Yes),
 The Diary of Anne Frank, Little Women,The Grapes of Wrath
 and so many more

What are some children's books to share with families?
 All the Lil Anchor books of course The Little House books, 
and I Love Dr Seuss.
Lil'Anchor books can be found at:  

Thank you Crystal for sharing! 
We greatly look forward to the 
continued spotlight on you and
 your books this week! 

There is still much fun ahead, 
and a GREAT giveaway on Friday!

Cheers to chasing your dreams,
and making them happen! 

Keep believing!

Crystal Bozeman Clifton, Author

Good afternoon! 
Today I wanted to discuss our recent 
Featured Author of the Week.

Children’s book author Crystal Bozeman Clifton
 was born and raised in Dalhart 
and graduated from Dalhart High School in 1983.
Since high school, she married 
and together she and her husband became 
 the proud parents of four children and six grandchildren.

Crystal’s children’s books are loosely based
 on her children and grandchildren.

Crystal still calls Dalhart, “home” 
and returns as often as she can. 
These days, she resides in Michigan 
with her son, daughter-in-law and their daughters. 
Crystal also has a home in Colbert, Georgia.

"Writing has always been my passion,” noted Crystal.
 “My mom told me that one day it would bring me success.”

Crystal has been writing since she was about eleven years old. 
She wrote poetry, plays and even a couple of songs. 
She is a people person and has been told 
she never leaves a place without making a new friend.

A couple Social outlets 
you can look for Crystal at are: 
 Facebook at:

 Twitter at:

Venture over to Kidtales to follow along!
Giveaway on FRIDAY!!

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Reviews for Laurel Heger's Fox and Rabbit

Wendy and I both greatly enjoyed reading 
about Fox and Rabbit's journey!

Here are Wendy's Reviews:

Fox and Rabbit's Garden (A Tale of Rabbit-Less Stew)

I like clever writing.  Kids like clever at least mine do. This book is suitable for age’s pre-k to 7. 
I do think adults and older children would enjoy reading Ms. Heger’s books to younger ones. 
The book is about a rabbit working in its garden and making a stew. 
Along comes a fox thinking this stew in progress would make a good meal for him, 
when he can add the rabbit to the pot. The rabbit out smarts the fox, 
he encourages the fox to assist preparing the pot of stew, with kindness and friendship. 
 While you are reading the exchange of the rabbit and fox
 you are also getting a recipe to make a stew or soup. 
 One spoonful of the stew the fox is surprised the rabbit-less stew is good. 
The book ends with tips for growing vegetables that can be added to a stew. 
 The illustrations are bright and delightful by Monette Pangan 
 This book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Fox and Rabbit's Cranberry Surprise

This is book two in this series of Rabbit and Fox.  
The book starts out with Rabbit and Fox tending their garden 
and picking fresh beautiful cranberries to add to the pantry supply.  
As they are relaxing after a day of work they hear a noise in the pantry. 
They find a curious hedgehog looking for an easy meal.
 He has fallen in a basket of eggs and then slips into the new supply of cranberries.
 Rabbit is upset that much of the supplies have been depleted 
and the mess they have to clean up in the pantry.  
He does not remove or yell at the hedgehog, 
but instead decides to assist and clean the fellow from all the goo on his body. 
Hedge Hog, I am sure will become a new character in future stories.  
These stories are like fables they give you a hidden message. 
Even though a mistake is made, kindness not anger is the best response. 
At the end is a recipe for cranberry sauce. 
I can see why Fox and Rabbit has been selected as, 
Goodwill Ambassadors for Seattle Farmers Market Alliance, 
The farmers market in Shelton, Washington.

I look forward to more of Fox and Rabbits adventures with their garden. Book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

And here are my families reviews.

Fox and Rabbit's Garden (A Tale of Rabbit-Less Stew) 

First let us apologize, we got this book some time ago when it released
 and finally had a chance to read it! Here are Brenton's thoughts on the book.

Storyline: A rabbit grows a big garden with lots of food. A fox comes around. 
He is hungry and wants to eat the rabbit. 
But the rabbit invites him to dinner because he helped. 
The fox makes the stew with rabbits help. 
Rabbit sets the table. Fox smells the stew and decides to try it. 
He finds he LOVES rabbit-less stew.
 Fox and Rabbit become friends and grow a garden each year.

Stars: 9 stars out of 5 stars possible.

I like the fox and the rabbit the most.
I also like the veggies in the back of the book to grow.
I love the book.
I want to make stew.

Mommy-Candice- Review:
This book is an adorable tribute to vegetables everywhere! 
Sometimes as a mom it can be hard to get kids to try new things,
 especially stew type meals with lots of items, 
but this peaked Brenton's interest in what could be in a stew,
 how it can be grown, and what can be grown at home. 
I'm sure because of this book when we visit the farmers market 
Brenton will have more curiosity and maybe be a little more adventurous with foods.
 The tale of Fox learning everything isn't about meat is a great tale!
Wonderful book-easily 5 Stars.
Wonderful images and words that connected.

Fox and Rabbit's Cranberry Surprise

Storyline: Fox and Rabbit are threw harvesting most things-
but cranberry season is fast upon them. 
They work hard out in the fields to harvest and get the berries to home. 
  Once home they start to relax, but there are...noises. 
What could that be? Rabbit grabs a familiar item to trap whatever it is. 
And just like that a new little friend is found. 
A very messy little friend-but fun. 
And that little friend brings some chaos-
however, together Fox and Rabbit make it work,
and in the end they have a beautiful harvest, and a new friend. 
And in typical Laurel style, there is a wonderful recipe,
and some great fun to end the book.

What a great tale to follow up an adventure in friendship, fun, and new foods to try! 
My boys loved learning how Fox and Rabbit grew and then harvested cranberries. 
But they were exceptionally excited about a certain little new character! 
There were giggles abounding when the little fella fell into the cranberries, 
and even more when he needed a bath.
 It was neat to watch the transition 
from mischievous fox to friend and parent-like roll model.  
Personally her ability to tie in several little objectives 
we hope to teach our children in life is fabulous. 
I loved the cranberry surprises, 
how relaxed Rabbit learned to become,
and in the end, 
the little friend sitting with Fox. 

Laurel has a knack for bringing out topics
through her children's books that need explored. 
We certainly have a great need to teach our children about healthy choices,
how those healthy food options can be grown,
where you can gain access if you don't have the ability to grow them,
and maybe just spark an interest in a child to want to grow a garden. 

We hope she continues to write garden tale 
adventures of Fox, Rabbit, and their new friend Hedgehog.
We will continue to purchase them for our home,
our friends, and our classrooms!

There is no doubt as to why Fox and Rabbit
 have been chosen as Goodwill Ambassadors, 
and why they are such a hit at the local farmers markets! 

We give both of Laurel's tales high 5 stars
 and recommend them for the classroom,
 the family dinner table, and the lunchroom!!!
Great book for all to learn from. 



We will be featuring Laurel's illustrator- Monettte Pangan. 
However, I find it important to note...
ALL of Laurel's images were beautiful.
Fox and Rabbit are distinct characters,
and the new little fella has his own charms as well. 
Each flower, vegetable, line, and shade beautifully fits the tale. 
Monette is not only a talented author,
she is a magically talented artist and illustrator!

We hope you all enjoyed the week learning
 about the incredibly talented author Laurel Heger!!!

Join us next week as we discuss Author Crystal Clifton! 

Fox and Rabbit's Adventures with Laurel

Good afternoon! 
This week we had the pleasure of featuring Laurel Heger, 
children's author and advocate of nature. 

Laurel has five books published. 

We will be discussing two of her five here.
Tonight we will post our reviews
both Wendy and I (Candice). 
Watch for the blog review spotlights!
But first- get to know the works of Fox and Rabbit! 
Fox and Rabbit’s Garden (A Tale of the Rabbit-less Stew)
Publication Date: April 2013
ISBN-10: 0988847663
ISBN-13: 978-0988847668
Price: $10.99
Pages: 26
Publisher: Anchor Group
Distributor: Amazon
A very weary and hungry fox happens upon a little rabbit tending his vegetable garden. The kind little rabbit invites the hungry fox to stay for supper, an invitation he eagerly accepts. All the while, Fox dreams of having rabbit stew for his supper. As Fox helps prepare all the vegetables he gathered, a scrumptious aroma fills the air!

Book Reviews:

Five Stars!  'A Refreshing and Lighthearted Read' - Readers' Favorite by Michelle Robertson: 
A young rabbit has prepared a garden watching it grow and prosper with yummy vegetables and herbs. A hungry fox eyes the little rabbit tending to his garden, with only one thing on his mind: Having Rabbit Stew for Dinner!  Little does the fox know that when he offers to help the rabbit carry in his harvest of vegetables and herbs, that his dinner will be the complete opposite of the menu he originally had in mind. The book offers fun and vibrant pictures to enhance the imagination of its readers.  I absolutely loved this story. It was a refreshing and lighthearted read.
5.0 out of 5 stars “Great Story!” By This Kid Reviews Books 
I think this book has a wonderful tale of friendship! Fox is SO hungry and Rabbit looks SO tasty. Fox helps Rabbit garden and Rabbit is kind to Fox. In the end Fox decides the vegetable stew is much better than Rabbit stew! Cute illustrations and great story!

Fox and Rabbit’s Cranberry Surprise
by Laurel Heger
Illustrated by Monette Pangan
32 pages – ages 4+
Published by Anchor Group on October 18, 2013
Theme/Topic – Friendship / gardening
Genre - Friendship story
Opening and Synopsis – Taken from the back cover -
“With cranberry season upon them, Fox and Rabbit are hard at work harvesting cranberries to take to market. Later that evening, an out of the ordinary visitor pokes around looking for a warm place to rest, causing quite a ruckus in…
Fox and Rabbit’s Cranberry Surprise.”
"Fox and Rabbit" are Goodwill Ambassadors to the Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance, Bainbridge Island Farmers market and The Shelton Farmers Market. 
Book Reviews:
"Seattle, Washington – October 2013 – Seattle’s Child Publishing announces the release of a new children’s picture book, Fox and Rabbit’s Cranberry Surprise, written by author Laurel Heger:  A delightful and cozy tale with charming illustrations- Sure to be a “read-it again hit!” Ann Bergman, Publisher, Seattle’s Child.
A Foxy Treat! Fox and Rabbit’s adventure harvesting cranberries is a delicious tale, sure to warm the hearts of young and old alike.  Craftily written and illustrated, with a sweet surprise added in.  Guaranteed to bring a smile to all who read it.  Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary. 
Ms. Heger serves as USBBY Ambassador for Washington State.  The United States Board on Books for Young People (USBBY) functions as the U.S. national section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY), which was founded to promote international understanding and good will through books for children and adolescents by inspiring the use of literature.  She lives in the Pacific Northwest and volunteers in her community.

 Fox and Rabbit are Goodwill Ambassadors to:
• Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance of Seattle (7 markets throughout Seattle)
• Shelton Farmers Market

“Fox and Rabbit” will help raise awareness concerning the importance of
shopping your local farmers markets. “Lettuce Turnip and Beet it to the Market”

Sneak Peak- all 5 stars! **

 "Our mission is a labor of love that will inspire smiles for our readers!"
Lettuce Turnip and Beet it to Amazon...Buy one for a friend – this book makes a great gift!