Friday, January 31, 2014

Beautiful Story, magical family of Thimble Kisses

                                              *Belinda is a mother, grandmother, 
                                          and avid author supporter of books she loves!*

  This is an absolute read for all children of any age - 
it tells of a little boy who wants to buy his mom
 a Christmas gift and what he gets and the meaning of it - 
This author has written this short story with so much emotion and love
 - Would definitely recommend this book to all - 
Thank you Crystal for this heartwarming story 
of a little boy's love and how he expresses it.
Review by Author Wendy Nystrom
Thimble Kisses by Crystal Clifton
 This book is a tender endearing story. 
The story centers around a young boy 
who wants to give his mother a kiss for Christmas.
 He thinks this is the perfect gift.
He convinces his father that the kisses
 are  in the sewing section at the store. 
He looks up at the thimbles and there are
 different colored and decorated ones. 
Each child picks out a thimble kiss for their mother. 
She adores the special gift of love from each child 
and as each one grows up and leaves the house 
she sends them on their way with a thimble kiss
 to remind them of their mother.  
The book is not only about special Christmas memories
 but expressing love for mothers with a simple gift.  
This is a wonderful book of family love 
to share with children any time of the year.


Candice Simpson and Family Review
This book is just adorable.
 I wasn't quiet sure I'd want to read it now,
 it seems more Holiday themed. 
However, I must say-its mommy themed. 
Its all about the love one boy has 
and shared with his mom, and his family. 
 It showcases the family values 
you can truly instill in your children,
 the love you can share forever on, 
and that sometimes the simplest of gifts are the best. 
Way to go Andy!
 And good job mommy 
passing them off as each child left (tears-I never want that day to come!).

The illustrations are hand-drawn,
 which adds an element to the book that newer styles don't have, 
and it certainly increases the value of the story. 
I also love the way the words were chosen,
 the format, and the details (especially at the store). 
5 star quality all around.

This really is an adorable book, 
all families and children will love it!
 Can't wait for my boys to review. <3

Can't wait to read more from Crystal Clifton.
And I can now say...
we are ALL anxiously awaiting...
Jefferson The Colorful Caterpillar!

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