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Reviews for Laurel Heger's Fox and Rabbit

Wendy and I both greatly enjoyed reading 
about Fox and Rabbit's journey!

Here are Wendy's Reviews:

Fox and Rabbit's Garden (A Tale of Rabbit-Less Stew)

I like clever writing.  Kids like clever at least mine do. This book is suitable for age’s pre-k to 7. 
I do think adults and older children would enjoy reading Ms. Heger’s books to younger ones. 
The book is about a rabbit working in its garden and making a stew. 
Along comes a fox thinking this stew in progress would make a good meal for him, 
when he can add the rabbit to the pot. The rabbit out smarts the fox, 
he encourages the fox to assist preparing the pot of stew, with kindness and friendship. 
 While you are reading the exchange of the rabbit and fox
 you are also getting a recipe to make a stew or soup. 
 One spoonful of the stew the fox is surprised the rabbit-less stew is good. 
The book ends with tips for growing vegetables that can be added to a stew. 
 The illustrations are bright and delightful by Monette Pangan 
 This book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Fox and Rabbit's Cranberry Surprise

This is book two in this series of Rabbit and Fox.  
The book starts out with Rabbit and Fox tending their garden 
and picking fresh beautiful cranberries to add to the pantry supply.  
As they are relaxing after a day of work they hear a noise in the pantry. 
They find a curious hedgehog looking for an easy meal.
 He has fallen in a basket of eggs and then slips into the new supply of cranberries.
 Rabbit is upset that much of the supplies have been depleted 
and the mess they have to clean up in the pantry.  
He does not remove or yell at the hedgehog, 
but instead decides to assist and clean the fellow from all the goo on his body. 
Hedge Hog, I am sure will become a new character in future stories.  
These stories are like fables they give you a hidden message. 
Even though a mistake is made, kindness not anger is the best response. 
At the end is a recipe for cranberry sauce. 
I can see why Fox and Rabbit has been selected as, 
Goodwill Ambassadors for Seattle Farmers Market Alliance, 
The farmers market in Shelton, Washington.

I look forward to more of Fox and Rabbits adventures with their garden. Book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

And here are my families reviews.

Fox and Rabbit's Garden (A Tale of Rabbit-Less Stew) 

First let us apologize, we got this book some time ago when it released
 and finally had a chance to read it! Here are Brenton's thoughts on the book.

Storyline: A rabbit grows a big garden with lots of food. A fox comes around. 
He is hungry and wants to eat the rabbit. 
But the rabbit invites him to dinner because he helped. 
The fox makes the stew with rabbits help. 
Rabbit sets the table. Fox smells the stew and decides to try it. 
He finds he LOVES rabbit-less stew.
 Fox and Rabbit become friends and grow a garden each year.

Stars: 9 stars out of 5 stars possible.

I like the fox and the rabbit the most.
I also like the veggies in the back of the book to grow.
I love the book.
I want to make stew.

Mommy-Candice- Review:
This book is an adorable tribute to vegetables everywhere! 
Sometimes as a mom it can be hard to get kids to try new things,
 especially stew type meals with lots of items, 
but this peaked Brenton's interest in what could be in a stew,
 how it can be grown, and what can be grown at home. 
I'm sure because of this book when we visit the farmers market 
Brenton will have more curiosity and maybe be a little more adventurous with foods.
 The tale of Fox learning everything isn't about meat is a great tale!
Wonderful book-easily 5 Stars.
Wonderful images and words that connected.

Fox and Rabbit's Cranberry Surprise

Storyline: Fox and Rabbit are threw harvesting most things-
but cranberry season is fast upon them. 
They work hard out in the fields to harvest and get the berries to home. 
  Once home they start to relax, but there are...noises. 
What could that be? Rabbit grabs a familiar item to trap whatever it is. 
And just like that a new little friend is found. 
A very messy little friend-but fun. 
And that little friend brings some chaos-
however, together Fox and Rabbit make it work,
and in the end they have a beautiful harvest, and a new friend. 
And in typical Laurel style, there is a wonderful recipe,
and some great fun to end the book.

What a great tale to follow up an adventure in friendship, fun, and new foods to try! 
My boys loved learning how Fox and Rabbit grew and then harvested cranberries. 
But they were exceptionally excited about a certain little new character! 
There were giggles abounding when the little fella fell into the cranberries, 
and even more when he needed a bath.
 It was neat to watch the transition 
from mischievous fox to friend and parent-like roll model.  
Personally her ability to tie in several little objectives 
we hope to teach our children in life is fabulous. 
I loved the cranberry surprises, 
how relaxed Rabbit learned to become,
and in the end, 
the little friend sitting with Fox. 

Laurel has a knack for bringing out topics
through her children's books that need explored. 
We certainly have a great need to teach our children about healthy choices,
how those healthy food options can be grown,
where you can gain access if you don't have the ability to grow them,
and maybe just spark an interest in a child to want to grow a garden. 

We hope she continues to write garden tale 
adventures of Fox, Rabbit, and their new friend Hedgehog.
We will continue to purchase them for our home,
our friends, and our classrooms!

There is no doubt as to why Fox and Rabbit
 have been chosen as Goodwill Ambassadors, 
and why they are such a hit at the local farmers markets! 

We give both of Laurel's tales high 5 stars
 and recommend them for the classroom,
 the family dinner table, and the lunchroom!!!
Great book for all to learn from. 



We will be featuring Laurel's illustrator- Monettte Pangan. 
However, I find it important to note...
ALL of Laurel's images were beautiful.
Fox and Rabbit are distinct characters,
and the new little fella has his own charms as well. 
Each flower, vegetable, line, and shade beautifully fits the tale. 
Monette is not only a talented author,
she is a magically talented artist and illustrator!

We hope you all enjoyed the week learning
 about the incredibly talented author Laurel Heger!!!

Join us next week as we discuss Author Crystal Clifton! 

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