Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Earning Your Way...An Interview with Crystal B. Clifton

When your a child you think about what you want to do as an adult. 
But when your an adult, you often think about what you did as a child...
and sometimes, those two things come together,
thus making a dream come true,
like it did for Crystal B Clifton, Author.
Below is a candid fun interview with Crystal.

It contains writing things, silly interview fun,
and a few little secrets! 

1) Where did you get your inspiration for writing?
 Well I have been writing since I was eleven years old, 
things like poetry, short stories, plays and songs. 
The books I write now are children's books 
inspired by watching my kids grow up and my grand babies.

2) Where did you get your idea for Thimble Kisses?
 And for Jefferson the Caterpillar?   
Thimble kisses is actually loosely based on something my kids
 did for me when they were little. I just changed it up 
a little to fit the family oriented theme of Love. 
Jefferson I sat down and wrote back in 1997 
on my oldest daughter's Birthday 
 while sitting in my living room being bored. LOL.

3) What do you see in your future of writing? 
 Praying for success and I would love to see them animated maybe one day.

4) Will you always write children's books or will you venture? 
 I am going to venture out I have been working on an 
N/A book for a while just gotta get back to it but
 my passion is children's books and always will be.

 5) Are your characters based on anyone? 
 Thimble Kisses books are my own four children actually.
 Andy is my oldest Randy, Jenny is my oldest daughter,
 Heather Jean, Suzy is my youngest daughter,
 Nancy Sue and the baby Clayton is my baby Joseph Clay. 
I played to their names.
 Jefferson is generic not from anyone.

6) What lead you to Anchor Group? 
I have been promoting Stacey Rourke since
 The Conduit released and well it kind of grew from there.

 Tell us a little about you... 

A) Did you always want to write?  
 I read Laura Ingalls Wlders books in the fourth grade 
and watched every episode. The one show that made me
 want to be a writer was The Walton’s Homecoming.
 When John Boy was given the Big Chief tablets for Christmas.
 I watched all of The Walton’s as well. 
I have always pretty much been fascinated by writing. 
I did Drama in High School(Love acting) 
and I LOVE to Sing as well, but writing has always been my passion.

B) Do you have a family? 
I will be married for 30 years (WoW) on April 7th.
 I have four children and 6 grand children

C) Do you work besides being an author? 
 I live with my oldest son and daughter in law 
and help with my granddaughter Bella.
 That is my job and I love it.

D) What kind of hobbies do you enjoy? 
 I Love Crafting and pretty much anything I can do that is fast and fun

E) Do you have pets? 
 Well the kids have a cat named Samuel L Catson.
 He is a 20lb Tabby that says Hello and cries for no reason LOL

F) What is the most embarrassing thing you have done/participated in?  
Well I use to sell cosmetics and we were standing at a convention one year
 and clapping and sort dancing to some music( I don’t embarrass by the way) 
and my slip fell down around my ankles and
I just kicked it behind me against the wall and 
everyone busted out laughing. LOL

 G) What is something humbling you have done and learned from? 
My husband had an accident one year and we had no money for the 
kids Christmas and our awesome land lord played Santa and
 gave the kids Christmas that year, it made me realize we were 
never destitute and that we were lucky. 
It also helped me pay it forward in the future.

H) Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
Hopefully as a successful writer and happy as well as a lot healthier.

    Silly fun:
1) You just inherited the Trump Towers- what do you do first?  

2) You won a trip around the world, but you pick the destinations, 
where are you visiting and why?  
 Paris France because it’s my lifelong dream to see 
the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham palace because
 I just want to lol
 Ireland because it’s just gorgeous 
and I personally know someone from there. :) 
and every Authors  house I have met on FB hehehehehe

 3) Your hosting a fancy dinner-what foods will be treated to?  
 Seafood, Pizza, and anything with cheese, 
White chocolate and mint related LOL

4) Morning person or night person?  
Morning person now days

 5) Favorite cold breakfast food?  
Cereal of all types (I'm not choosey)

6) Authors have multiple personalities...
what are some of yours, and how do they behave? 
 I am a child at heart and sometimes I act immature. 
Other than that I want to be a teen again I love music and such lol

 7) Describe yourself using these letters CRYSTAL...
 C-caring, R-realistic, Y- young at heart, S-stable, T-tough to a point,
 A-able be what I want, L-Loving

8) Favorite Drink :
 Dr Pepper

9) Favorite restaurant.

 10) What is something unique about you?   
I design wedding flower bouquets

11) You just won the lottery-what do you do? 
 Pay off my kids and parents bills, 
buy me a car pay my debts, then worry about the rest.

12) What is your favorite quote in life? 
Believe (just simply that)

If you could tell your childhood self
 some advice for the future-what would that be?  
 Start writing now and save every piece of it. 
Oh and watch out for that bully LOL

And lastly---If you had to give advice to children out 
there wanting to become an author, 
aspiring to get their books published... what would that be? 
  Believe in yourself, Never quit and listen when given advice
 but never let anyone tell you that you can't or won't ever do it. 
Your future is yours and yours alone.

What is your Favorite book?
  Oh my I have too many but I would have to say
 The Little House Series by Laura Ingalls Wlder

 What classics do you recommend  to teens?   
To Kill a Mocking Bird, Death Be Not Proud, Romeo and Juliet(Yes),
 The Diary of Anne Frank, Little Women,The Grapes of Wrath
 and so many more

What are some children's books to share with families?
 All the Lil Anchor books of course The Little House books, 
and I Love Dr Seuss.
Lil'Anchor books can be found at:

Thank you Crystal for sharing! 
We greatly look forward to the 
continued spotlight on you and
 your books this week! 

There is still much fun ahead, 
and a GREAT giveaway on Friday! 

Cheers to chasing your dreams,
and making them happen! 

Keep believing!

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