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Tristan Wolf Review by Wendy

Tristan Wolf by Mariana Llanos

This book is an exciting imaginary and at times scary adventure.  It reminded me of my son’s tales in the morning of where he traveled every night.  Love the ending. 

Tristan Wolf was an infant when found in the woods and raised by wolves. He knows he is different, but is loved by his wolf family. One day he saw his reflection, realizing he is human. He tells his wolf mother and siblings he is going to leave and visit the humans. They all warn him against it. Humans and wolves do not have a good history of coexisting. 

 He begins his journey and meets an coyote who tells him he is not a wolf but smells like a wolf. The coyote decides he may be helpful in getting into the farm to get him some chickens.  

Tristan climbed over the fence at the farm and looked around. He met some of the farm animals. Then he saw a shadow. The ending is very good. Don’t want to give it away.

 The illustrations by Rocio Perez Del Solar are a perfect addition to the story.

  I recommend this book for ages 7+.  

           Four Star Rating!

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NEW RELEASE from Wendy Nystrom

Award winning author Wendy Nystrom has officially released her fourth children's book. 

In 'Amongst the Clouds' James becomes curious of a mysterious cloud lurking around his town. He summons Syvok and Syvok brings Matthias (the flying dragon) and the greatest adventure begins! The fourth book in the series brings together new and old characters and off they go on what is sure to be the most exciting journey!

  Will James and friends succeed in learning more about the cloud and it's contents, or will Old Hag win over the world and escape? Come along and discover what the adventure holds today! 

Free your mind with a great book!

If you purchase a print copy email wendysbookcase@gmail.com. Wendy will ask for proof of purchase and will then send you a SIGNED book plate any way you'd like it dedicated! 

Amazon print: 

Nook Book:

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Emily-Rose's Dat at the Farm

Emily-Rose gets a trip to Grammy's farm! Grammy's farm holds many adventures, but the one Emily-Rose wants most is to feed the animals. Grammy warns her that it is not all fun & games because those animals are often rambunctious, but Emily-Rose is determined! Come along on a wonderful adventure as Emily-Rose tackles feeding the farm animals! 

Fun read for children who enjoy animals!! Also a great connection to family, grandparents, and the silly that comes as well. Overall I would recommend! The wonderful illustrations flow with the words, and together they paint a fabulously fun read! I especially enjoyed the bee, because I too could relate to Emily-Rose in that moment! 

Come discuss Emily-Rose on Goodreads with Simone. Also enter to win your own signed copy until July 31. 



Author Simone Da Costa’s Biography


Website: http://simonedacosta.com

Blog: http://simonesblog.net/

FB Business page :https://www.facebook.com/depictingthewriterinyou

E-mail Address: simonedacosta86ca@yahoo.ca

Twitter: https://twitter.com/simonesblognet

Simone Da Costa is a writer author, publisher and freelance magazine writer and is an award nominee of the Women on Fire Awards. Simone has written many articles for several North American magazines and she is currently a contributor to the online magazine, The Caribbean Current. Her first publication was a devotional book, Remember to PrayDay Planner Since then Simone two published three books, Remember to Pray: Day Planner2013 Day Planner and two children’s book titled,A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book about Animals from A to Z andEmily-Rose’s Day at the Farm.

Simone was a nominee in the media category for the Woman on Fire AwardSimone is a writer who enjoys the compelling feeling that writing brings. In the words of Miss Da Costa ‘Writing is seen as a tool with which to free yourself in a limitless world of playful words while at the same time welcome your ideas, thoughts and imagination onto the page. Most off all, the passion to write is, simply put, inspiring, challenging, enjoying and empowering.

Simone also operates a blog called Simone’s Blog – Depicting the Writer in You.’ A blog designed to stimulate a writer’s creative spirit in expressive that gives joy to the creator as well as the reader.

Links to where Emily-Rose’s Day at the Farm can be purchased:

Knowledge Bookstore:https://www.knowledgebookstore.com/children-ages-4---8/emily-roses-day-at-the-farm/2418#.U6ix40C80zE

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Emily-Roses-Day-Farm-Simone-Costa/dp/0987925563/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1393701739&sr=8-1&keywords=Emily-Rose%27s+Day+at+the+Farm

Author’s website: http://simonedacosta.com/?p=3633




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Wendy Reviews

Emily- Rose’s Day at the Farm by Simone Da Costa Adventure

5 stars 

Emily- Rose’s Day at the Farm by Simone Da Costa, is truly a farm adventure. The book starts out with Emily being excited about visiting her Grandmother at the farm and hoping to get to feed the animals.  With her rubber boots on she is ready to feed those rambunctious animals. 

When she arrives her Grandmother does let her feed the animals. It becomes quite an adventure each encounter Emily Rose has with the animals. She now understands what rambunctious means. It is great fun to feed the animals it is also challenging work and she will listen to her grandmother from now on.  

Children pre-school- 3rd gradewill enjoy Emily Rose’s day on the farm with her grandmother. 

The illustrations by Anindita Modak are a lot of fun and really add to the adventure.  This also would be fun story to read with you children you could add some activities while reading this book such as the sounds each animal makes. The book at the end also has some added activities for children.

You can find this book at http://www.amazon.com/Emily-Roses-Day-Farm-Simone-Costa/dp/0987925563

Here are Simone Da Costa’s links,

Enter to win giveaway! https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/99034-emily-rose-s-day-at-the-farm




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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Amongst the Clouds Release

Great new read!!! This is a delightful follow-up in the James & Syvok's adventure series by the award winning, best selling children's author my family has come to adore! 

In this new adventure (book 4) we start with James & friends at home in Iceland. A mysteriously unique cloud appears, and all the boys are curious, but James most of all! 

Of course James wants to explore a bit closer! Syvok is channeled in (have you discovered their communication device yet?), Matthias arrives, and a great adventure ensues!

Along the way we meet a couple new characters (Ranni is beautiful), and get reacquainted with past characters, such as the Dragonettes and Helga. Oh, and Old Hag returns grouchy as ever!

But the cloud holds a deep secret, and rooted in you'll discover secrets, unlock mysteries, and enjoy what an incredible tale Wendy Nystrom has told! 

In the end will Old Hag have victory, or will the team of friends find the impossible and save the day? Come along on the adventure to find out today!!

Highly recommended as an educational, adventure filled, family fun book for all ages if read together, but ages 8-13 individual. This would also make a great book to start a book report on, and expand knowledge of Iridescent Clouds, Iceland, and Icelandic Folklore.  

Grab it today:

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Pons and the Miracle of Reunion Island

Time for my review! I took my time reading and enjoying this book. Maybe because I have children who enjoyed, or maybe because I just greatly enjoyed the read! 

Family is of the utmost importance to me, so learning the story was all about family, friendship, and helping one another just made the story more indepth to us! I adored the many characters, however I think my favorite are Anabelle & Marco! 

And let's be honest!! Who knew a creature like Pons even existed?! Such a neat aspect to bring into the story with heroism, friendship, a different style of living, and genuinely learning to love, trust, and have faith in the environment around you, and those you share it with! 

Check out the book, Pons and the Miracle of Reunion Island, today!! You will want to find out what happens when the family is faced with a scary situation. Does it end happily? Or is there more to Pons  & the Ocean life that we don't know??

And least we forget to talk about the bright, brilliant, and exciting images that move the story along for readers to enjoy!! Barbara Dessi created magical illustrations your children are sure to love!

This was an easy, enjoyable, highly educational read that I would give five stars to! 

You can find the eBook for $3.99 at the link below! 


Read more or learn more about the incredible many books Linda has written by visiting her well designed website at:

Or at her publishers site:

Thank you Linda, this was an enjoyable read!!

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Wendy's Review of Pons & the Miracle of Reunion Island

Pons and the Miracle of Reunion Island by Linda KandelinChambers

stars  Chapter book for Intermediate Readers

Good Day Folks, 

This story begins learning about Reunion Island a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. We are introduced to a fun family and a wonderful sea herbivore a dugong whose name is Pons. Anabella and Marco the children in the family love being outside and swimming. They are friends with the dugong Pons.  Because of this story I looked up dugongs and learned about a new marine animal.  The story has a wonderful message and an exciting adventure. The boy in the story goes to visit a cave with his friend, Even though he has been told not to play in the cave due to being near the active volcano on the Island.  The cave is beautiful and interesting to explore. The boys get trapped when an earthquake occurs.  Marco’s grandfather goes out to find the boys. Pons and a bird lead him to where the boys are. Pons shows the Grandfather another entrance. He finds the boys and leads them out.  The illustrations by Barbara Dessi are beautiful and add to the story.

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Miracle-RĂ©union-Island-Kandelin-Chambers-ebook/dp/B00JL6YCO4

Barnes and Nobles Link:http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/pons-and-the-miracle-of-r-union-island-linda-kandelin-chambers/1119083827

Read about Linda Kandelin Chambers interesting bio on her website www.lindachambersbooks.com

You can keep up with Linda Kandelin Chambers and Pons adventures on FB athttps://www.facebook.com/lindachambersbooks

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Meeting Author Linda Chambers

We (Wendy & Candice) have read Linda's newest book, PONS and the Miracle of Reunion Island! Look for those reviews through the weekend at www.facebook.com/Kidtales

But, in the moment---I was able to find this fabulous interview from Linda with her publisher (Xlibris) to share!! :-) 

"Life is mostly innocent and pure when we are very little or at least it should be, and so it is the simplicity of childhood I am drawn to when writing,” declares Xlibris author Linda Kandelin Chambers.

Chambers published a series of illustrated children’s books, namely ABC PoetryOn the Farm,CherootThe Littlest BullMumps,Inside My Grandma’s PocketOn a Journey to Mirth and Be Good Boys, all of which met positive reviews from readers both young and young at heart.

Born and raised on a ranch in the San Fernando Valley, Chambers grew up amongst cowboys, movie stars, artists, jockeys, ranchers, farmers, political dignitaries, and others by working in her parents’ successful business, Frank Kandelin Western Wear & Saddlery, located in North Hollywood, California. Chambers studied at the University of Barcelona, the Sorbonne in Paris, and Westminster College in London before returning to the United States to complete her degrees in language arts, Spanish, and philosophy. She lives in
northern Nevada on a small ranch with her husband, recently retired stuntman Steve Chambers.
“I was raised on a working ranch in the San Fernando Valley. My father was a cowboy and my mother an English teacher. Together they instilled in me a deep respect and love for nature and animal life. My mom taught me the wonder of words and their deeper meanings. These are the influences I draw from when writing for children.”
Each of the eight children’s books that the author self-published in seven years was illustrated by award-winning artists from around the world. She has promoted her books in annual book events like the Nevada Library Conference. “I have learned that when my books are put into the hands of librarians, teachers, and parents, that they like them and will buy. So it is important for me to continue to interact with the public. I want to attend events in Idaho and Arizona for instance. It is expensive and time-consuming to do so, but well worth the effort,” the author observes.
“I have heard from parents and children alike from all over the
country, and every response has been a good one! When I visit schools and libraries to do a reading, it’s been the same.”
M. J. lives on a farm in northern Alberta, Canada, with her husband, is the mother of two, and a grandmother of one. She teaches several spiritual workshops including Reiki and Deep Healing Emotional Energy. Her other passions include riding horses and writing. The author can be contacted through her website athttp://expecttobeempowered.com. You can also read more about her and her book at the Xlibris Indie Authors Roundup.
When asked about the primary message she wants to impart to her readers in all her books, the author pointed out the value of joy and learning. “Enjoy . . . and maybe learn a little while you’re reading. Four of my books actually have a glossary at the back so that the unusual words and phrases I like to introduce are fully explained for the child reader. For instance, in ABC Poetry there’s a “sneaky deft eft” in the “E” poem, and in Cheroot children will learn about “cloudberries” and a beaver’s “cache.”
“These are not common words and so I’ve provided a glossary whereby the young reader may broaden his or her knowledge and expand vocabulary while enjoying a good story! I’ve found that little children really love to learn and respond very well to not only being entertained but taught something new as well.”
Chambers also shared her views about her own self-publishing experience when asked about advice she can give to potential authors. “In terms of becoming a self-published author, I would encourage a new author to move forward with confidence. There are a dozen reasons why I continue to self publish. It is actually a topic about which I have lectured to large groups of librarians on the West Coast of the U.S. However, to begin with, I chose to self-publish because I was impatient to get the book out there, if you know what I mean.”
“The process of sending a manuscript to a publisher who wants to be assured that the work is exclusive drags the process on and on. By that, I mean most publishing houses require that a writer promise that he or she is not submitting to
anyone else at that time. They want an “exclusive” submission. The wait for an answer is a long one, sometimes taking as many as four to six months before receipt of a reply. If one is rejected, then you’ve got to start all over again.”
“In today’s market, it’s almost impossible to break through. Publishing houses have a stable of writers already on contract, with successful formulae in place, and monies paid. There is very little room for someone new. It’s why we see the same authors on the Best Seller lists year after year after year.”
“Furthermore, by the time I was doing my second book, On the Farm, I realized I liked the notion of governing how a book will look, what the layout will be, etc. It’s a monumental task to embark on. From the first word on the page to the sales receipt, a self-published author is in charge. However, I own the words and the art outright, which means I can leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren.”
“Self-publishing has moved out of the venue of ‘vanity press.’ It’s now accepted as a legitimate means of producing quality work. The ultimate problem is, of course, the high cost to the author producing the piece as well as the difficulty in advertising one’s book. On the other hand, new avenues have opened up within the last few years that give the self-published author access to bookstores and libraries. The Xlibris website provides many resources and your own perseverance will provide the rest.”
“Oh, and one last thing. . . . Have your work edited by a professional before submission! Poor grammar and punctuation can turn a worthwhile read into an unacceptable one. This is the biggest complaint critics have when reviewing self-published works. Unnecessary mistakes makes the author read like an amateur. You’ve worked too hard to have this happen.”

----This interview is taken direct from Xlibris Website: http://www.xlibris.com/author_spotlight_linda_kandelin_chambers.aspx ----