Tuesday, July 29, 2014

NEW RELEASE from Wendy Nystrom

Award winning author Wendy Nystrom has officially released her fourth children's book. 

In 'Amongst the Clouds' James becomes curious of a mysterious cloud lurking around his town. He summons Syvok and Syvok brings Matthias (the flying dragon) and the greatest adventure begins! The fourth book in the series brings together new and old characters and off they go on what is sure to be the most exciting journey!

  Will James and friends succeed in learning more about the cloud and it's contents, or will Old Hag win over the world and escape? Come along and discover what the adventure holds today! 

Free your mind with a great book!

If you purchase a print copy email wendysbookcase@gmail.com. Wendy will ask for proof of purchase and will then send you a SIGNED book plate any way you'd like it dedicated! 

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