Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wendy's Review of Pons & the Miracle of Reunion Island

Pons and the Miracle of Reunion Island by Linda KandelinChambers

stars  Chapter book for Intermediate Readers

Good Day Folks, 

This story begins learning about Reunion Island a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. We are introduced to a fun family and a wonderful sea herbivore a dugong whose name is Pons. Anabella and Marco the children in the family love being outside and swimming. They are friends with the dugong Pons.  Because of this story I looked up dugongs and learned about a new marine animal.  The story has a wonderful message and an exciting adventure. The boy in the story goes to visit a cave with his friend, Even though he has been told not to play in the cave due to being near the active volcano on the Island.  The cave is beautiful and interesting to explore. The boys get trapped when an earthquake occurs.  Marco’s grandfather goes out to find the boys. Pons and a bird lead him to where the boys are. Pons shows the Grandfather another entrance. He finds the boys and leads them out.  The illustrations by Barbara Dessi are beautiful and add to the story.

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