Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tristan Wolf Review by Wendy

Tristan Wolf by Mariana Llanos

This book is an exciting imaginary and at times scary adventure.  It reminded me of my son’s tales in the morning of where he traveled every night.  Love the ending. 

Tristan Wolf was an infant when found in the woods and raised by wolves. He knows he is different, but is loved by his wolf family. One day he saw his reflection, realizing he is human. He tells his wolf mother and siblings he is going to leave and visit the humans. They all warn him against it. Humans and wolves do not have a good history of coexisting. 

 He begins his journey and meets an coyote who tells him he is not a wolf but smells like a wolf. The coyote decides he may be helpful in getting into the farm to get him some chickens.  

Tristan climbed over the fence at the farm and looked around. He met some of the farm animals. Then he saw a shadow. The ending is very good. Don’t want to give it away.

 The illustrations by Rocio Perez Del Solar are a perfect addition to the story.

  I recommend this book for ages 7+.  

           Four Star Rating!

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Thank you for stopping in. Hope you enjoyed Tristan Wolf by Marian Llanos. 

Enjoy the adventure every day brings you, WB

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