Thursday, July 17, 2014

Amongst the Clouds Release

Great new read!!! This is a delightful follow-up in the James & Syvok's adventure series by the award winning, best selling children's author my family has come to adore! 

In this new adventure (book 4) we start with James & friends at home in Iceland. A mysteriously unique cloud appears, and all the boys are curious, but James most of all! 

Of course James wants to explore a bit closer! Syvok is channeled in (have you discovered their communication device yet?), Matthias arrives, and a great adventure ensues!

Along the way we meet a couple new characters (Ranni is beautiful), and get reacquainted with past characters, such as the Dragonettes and Helga. Oh, and Old Hag returns grouchy as ever!

But the cloud holds a deep secret, and rooted in you'll discover secrets, unlock mysteries, and enjoy what an incredible tale Wendy Nystrom has told! 

In the end will Old Hag have victory, or will the team of friends find the impossible and save the day? Come along on the adventure to find out today!!

Highly recommended as an educational, adventure filled, family fun book for all ages if read together, but ages 8-13 individual. This would also make a great book to start a book report on, and expand knowledge of Iridescent Clouds, Iceland, and Icelandic Folklore.  

Grab it today:

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