Monday, July 14, 2014

Pons and the Miracle of Reunion Island

Time for my review! I took my time reading and enjoying this book. Maybe because I have children who enjoyed, or maybe because I just greatly enjoyed the read! 

Family is of the utmost importance to me, so learning the story was all about family, friendship, and helping one another just made the story more indepth to us! I adored the many characters, however I think my favorite are Anabelle & Marco! 

And let's be honest!! Who knew a creature like Pons even existed?! Such a neat aspect to bring into the story with heroism, friendship, a different style of living, and genuinely learning to love, trust, and have faith in the environment around you, and those you share it with! 

Check out the book, Pons and the Miracle of Reunion Island, today!! You will want to find out what happens when the family is faced with a scary situation. Does it end happily? Or is there more to Pons  & the Ocean life that we don't know??

And least we forget to talk about the bright, brilliant, and exciting images that move the story along for readers to enjoy!! Barbara Dessi created magical illustrations your children are sure to love!

This was an easy, enjoyable, highly educational read that I would give five stars to! 

You can find the eBook for $3.99 at the link below!

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Thank you Linda, this was an enjoyable read!!

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