Sunday, November 30, 2014

Children's Books Cyber Monday Sales & Giveaways

We have been given a list of
several children's authors with
Scroll below!! 

First we have Award Winning Author

And next we have the Squirrely Brenda Lochinger

Olga is offering a GREAT special 
for her BEAUTIFUL, heartwarming stories!
Fantastic sale! 55% OFF! A wonderful gift and keepsake for any child.
 A great book to have on hand at the grandparents house.

Jen is having a deal! Your kids will LOVE! 
Special Holiday Sales running through December 27
 for the Einstein and Moo children’s book series
The series is about a pair of brother and sister tuxedo 
kitties and their adventures. 
Get your copies today of Einstein and the Leaf and Moo 
and the Case of the Mistaken Identity 
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And one of my favs- Saoirse O'Mara has a new deal! 

A Rogue's Tale collection 

(containing the first three stories in one volume)

And Best Selling Cindy Springsteen 
has a $0.99 SALE! 

Our own Vickie Johnstone's Sales
Kindle- $0.99 , Print-$7.50

Cris Pasqueralle's $2.99 sale!
Twins discover their magical birth rite in a realm of wizards, gnomes, and hidden secrets.
 Destiny Revealed, a fantasy adventure for the whole family.

And now, Barbara Ireland Mojica's special!
20% first three books in the Little Miss History Series on Createspace
Statue of Liberty

And another awesome children's author,
PJ LaRue's sale-
The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool 
ebook is $1.99 now through Cyber Monday

RyAnn Hall's books have different specials.
Check each one out, all are educational reads 
and fun for your children's delight! 

Monette Pangan is sharing a sale with you! 
$1.99 for ERIN, a fun "scream" of a read!

My son LOVED Dragon Wars
by Emily Fogle
Grab it for $0.99 today!

 Last but not least, 
my good friend,
best selling author,
Jodi Stone. 
$0.99-$2.99 Sale!

GIVEAWAY from Janice Spina
 Goodreads Giveaway until Dec. 16th

GIVEAWAY from Jen Milius

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

M.C. Arvanitis- Kidtales Holiday Book Fair Author!

Today we meet M.C. Arvanitis. 
M.C. writes several varieties of books,
however we are featuring two of her Middle Grades
in the Kidtales Holiday Book Fair! 
Ms. Arvanitis is a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature 
and a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers. 
Her occupation as a preK and early grades teacher gives 
her insight into the stories children like to read. 
Now retired, she writes mid grade readers books 
she calls "fables." She brings mythical creatures such
 as fairies, elves, mermaids, pixies, and other strange 
beings to her stories. She now offers her first two 'fables' 
for Mid graders. "THE LEGEND OF ELPANDA PAWS," 
in both as e-books and in print books.
The first of Mrs Arvanitis's teen/YA historical
JOURNEY OF CHANGE; is now available as
 E-book and in print. This coming of age story
 takes place in 1855 and tells of a pioneer boy's
 conflict with his stern father on the Oregon Trail.
Two more of the Hank series will be added to her
 author's list in 2014:

Ms. Arvanitis is presently working on her third Fable,
 "PIXIES OF THE FERNS: FERNELLA'S MAGIC." to be out in 2014.
In the future she hopes to publish others of her picture
 books for the under six readers. These stories have
 been read and enjoyed by the thousands of students 
she has taught though out the years. First will be
 'CHICKEN IN THE OVEN', the saga of BFC who
 doesn't want to be Farmer's Dil's Sunday dinner.

For hundreds of years the Claus Corporation has contracted 
with the ELVanites to make Love Bears which are delivered to 
seriously ill children around the world. Only Elves with love
 and happiness in their hearts can make the bears properly 
-- insuring that each bear carries love and comfort for these children. 
Negative feelings are discouraged in ELVanland. 
Frowning, fussing, criticizing and crying are rarely seen or heard. 
The ELVanites know that these feelings bring on unhappiness and disease. 
From early childhood they are taught to push any sad feelings 
out of their thoughts by thinking happy thoughts instead.
ELVina, Head of Production, finds her elf workers suddenly 
afflicted with the negative disease, an illness that makes them slow and careless. 
They whine and break into tears at the least little happening.
"What is going on, ELVina?" Inspector ELMonte asks. 
"I have never seen so many unacceptable bears come from this factory. 
The work is sloppy and certainly will not meet Mr. Claus's standards."
ELVina blows her nose and hangs her head, unable to speak for a moment.
 She starts to cry. "I have been feeling depressed also.” 
"There, there, now." Inspector ELMonte places a comforting arm on her shoulder, 
"It will be all right. We'll work it out.”
But ELVina cannot be comforted. 
She knows that if the Love Bears are not made in time
 the Claus Corporation will not renew their contract for next year. 
No contract -- no work; no work -- no pay; the ELVanites will starve.
Worse yet, their reputation as bear makers will be ruined.
 Something is wrong in ELVanland. Something is terribly wrong!

Nadeea is shorter than the other Mermaids and finds life unbearable. 
She meets two fairies, Cassandra and Alex, 
and admires their beautiful wings. She wants wings 
for herself so she can escape from the teasing she 
receives from the other Mermaids. When Sir Cecil,
 the Snerg, promises to help her find wings she agrees 
to go on a long dangerous journey to Wyre, the home of 
the Damselflies. Sadie Squarette, a magic-making, 
bug-like poet, is their guide. They cross the Island of Egilssay 
where she meets Zasta, a Selkie, who becomes her best friend. 
There is danger in the island however. They must cross the
 land of the Trows where a mighty battle is going on between 
the Sea and Hill Trows. Trows not only kill each other, they 
kill anyone who crosses over their land. Sadie uses her unique
 magic to save them. Finally they reach the Island of Wyre 
where Nadeea hopes to get wings. She bravely faces Gwilon,
 the Goat Witch, and saves the queen of the Damselflies. 
When she learns that her Mer family has been captured by 
the dreaded Sea Lions and taken into slavery, she has to make a decision.
 Will she wait for her wings or leave with the Selkie Army to rescue her family?

The Legend of ELPanda Paws 

Forbidden Wings, A Mermaids Story

Forbidden Wings, A Mermaid's Story  $1.99   ebook. 
Print book priced at $5.65 plus postage. 

*The Legend of ELPanda Paws  
Now on sale at $0.99  at Use code # QQ99A
$1.99 on 
Print book priced at $5.39  plus postage.

Connect with M.C. Arvanitis:

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kidtales Holiday Bookfair- Meet Brenda Lochinger

Today we meet...

Brenda Lochinger was born March 2nd in Milwaukee, WI
 and is currently living in Gilbert, AZ.  
She is married and has three children, 
two boys and a girl. She loves writing children’s books and poetry.
 Her hobbies include reading, writing, spending time with her family
and drawing in pen and ink. When she is not writing 
and taking care of family, she volunteers her time at her children’s school libraries.

Brenda is selling both eBook and paperback copies. 
eBook sale is $1.99 down from $4.99
and Paperback depends on where you buy! 
This series is designed to focus on ADHD. 
Wonderful reads for families!

Follow the adventures of Squirrely,
 who can't help but to be wiggly and a day dreamer!


I’m Twirrely! is the second book in The Nut Family series.

It’s about a sweet sassy little squirrel that just wants to dance and be with her friends and family. 

Twirrely takes you through her day and shows you why her name suits her so well. 

There are several ways for you to connect with Brenda! 
Check them out below!! 

C)     Twitter @brendalochinger

D)    Eformat:
(Im Twirrely!)

E)     Eformat:

F)      Im Squirrely! and Im Twirrely! Paperbacks:
 They are presigned through my publishers website.
 Not shipping them myself

H)    Paperback and Eformat on Amazon:
 No signed copies

Kidtales Meet the Author, Holiday Book Fair, Author Rita Monette

Kidtales welcomes, 
Author Rita Monette...
Holiday Book Fair Participant. 

 Rita Monette was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana. 
After retiring from her “real” job as an administrative assistant
 for the State of Michigan, Rita began doing what she
 always wanted to do…write and paint. 

     Five long years later, Musa Publishing offered her a contract
 for her debut middle grade novel, The Legend of Ghost Dog Island,
 and now the sequel, the Curse at Pirate's Cove, which also includes her artwork. 
Her stories are set in the beautiful, yet mysterious,
 bayous and swamps of her home state. 

     Rita now lives with her husband, four lap dogs,
 and one lap cat, in the mountains of Tennessee.

Connect with Rita:

Facebook page:
Twitter: @ritamonette

The Legend of Ghost Dog Island
$3.99 ebook
Moving is nothing new for ten-year-old Nikki Landry. 
Her fisherman father relocates their raggedy old houseboat
 several times a year in search of better crabbing spots. 
However, their latest move has brought her to a 
mysterious bayou where she feels something is watching her from a nearby island. 

Nikki learns of a local legend about something sinister
 inhabiting those swamps, stealing the souls of dogs…
which would explain the strange howling sounds. 
Papa reassures her there’s nothing on the island 
but gators and snakes. He would know. 
He’s spent his whole life trapping and fishing those bayous and swamps.
 But Nikki and her new friends uncover strange happenings
 from years ago that may have started the old legend, 
and town folks aren’t talking. Then her beloved beagle goes missing.

Join Nikki as she seeks to discover the 
real truth behind the legend of Ghost Dog Island…
before it’s too late.