Sunday, November 30, 2014

Children's Books Cyber Monday Sales & Giveaways

We have been given a list of
several children's authors with
Scroll below!! 

First we have Award Winning Author

And next we have the Squirrely Brenda Lochinger

Olga is offering a GREAT special 
for her BEAUTIFUL, heartwarming stories!
Fantastic sale! 55% OFF! A wonderful gift and keepsake for any child.
 A great book to have on hand at the grandparents house.

Jen is having a deal! Your kids will LOVE! 
Special Holiday Sales running through December 27
 for the Einstein and Moo children’s book series
The series is about a pair of brother and sister tuxedo 
kitties and their adventures. 
Get your copies today of Einstein and the Leaf and Moo 
and the Case of the Mistaken Identity 
Please “LIKE” and “SHARE” my author page 
and the book page

And one of my favs- Saoirse O'Mara has a new deal! 

A Rogue's Tale collection 

(containing the first three stories in one volume)

And Best Selling Cindy Springsteen 
has a $0.99 SALE! 

Our own Vickie Johnstone's Sales
Kindle- $0.99 , Print-$7.50

Cris Pasqueralle's $2.99 sale!
Twins discover their magical birth rite in a realm of wizards, gnomes, and hidden secrets.
 Destiny Revealed, a fantasy adventure for the whole family.

And now, Barbara Ireland Mojica's special!
20% first three books in the Little Miss History Series on Createspace
Statue of Liberty

And another awesome children's author,
PJ LaRue's sale-
The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool 
ebook is $1.99 now through Cyber Monday

RyAnn Hall's books have different specials.
Check each one out, all are educational reads 
and fun for your children's delight! 

Monette Pangan is sharing a sale with you! 
$1.99 for ERIN, a fun "scream" of a read!

My son LOVED Dragon Wars
by Emily Fogle
Grab it for $0.99 today!

 Last but not least, 
my good friend,
best selling author,
Jodi Stone. 
$0.99-$2.99 Sale!

GIVEAWAY from Janice Spina
 Goodreads Giveaway until Dec. 16th

GIVEAWAY from Jen Milius

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