Saturday, November 8, 2014

Review- new book... No More Animals

Review for Amy Olshewski Bowling's book- No More Animals
This is a must read for families. Yes, we are all very blessed in many ways.

No More animals has mom, dad, and daughter. And...well, a few friends! They move from the city to a newly bought farm. New friends and new critters start coming along. A few extra kids, and some kicking hoofs, and then some chicklets to wander and stir. The book makes you laugh and reminds you of fun. I know my husband would try to say no too, but it wouldn't work. I love how the daughter gets so sad and upset, and daddy just has to give in and say yes! 

The illustrations help bring the book to life, and bring insight to the characters, creations, and fun. The daughters hair is vibrant and fun, and even the tear down her cheek is shown. The horses manes, and the goats coats, and even the chicks in the kitchen are so cute! The illustrator really helped pop out the words, and the book comes together as a beautiful piece of work. 

All 3 of my children have read it already, each TONIGHT, allowing themselves a time-out to enjoy. They giggled at parts and told me it would be funny, and in several spots I heard "this is too funny". 

I would highly recommend grabbing this book for your kids, for their friends, and your family, and those farm friends you know! Its a giggly, funny, family-friendly book you are SURE to love! 

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