Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Meet the Musing

We are bringing a new feature to Kidtales. 
We will be meeting several MUSINGS from children's authors.

Today we are chatting with M.C. Arvanitis
 In her Mid grade fables she adds fantasy characters such as mermaids, pixies, elves, etc. but sometimes she will bring one of the unheard of characters that run through her mind at night. Such as Sadie Squarette, as pictured in 'Forbidden wings, A Mermaid's Story,' by M.C. Arvanitis. Sadie is a rhyme talking, square bodied magical woman who can stretch to see over any object or become as small as a ladybug. Sadie is a guide who leads Nadeea on her journey to find wings.

You can find Sadie and her adventures at:

We hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peak at Sadie and all 
that M.C. Arvanitis has to offer! 

Look for more fun coming this week with The Nut Family, 
No More Animals (a new release from Amy Bowling),
and some other fun sneaks! :-)

As always... Keep Kids Reading! 
~Kidtales Admins. 

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