Thursday, April 30, 2015

Getting to know Einstein and Moo with Jen Milius!

Jen Milius and the Einstein and Moo Children’s Book Series

 Lets meet introduce the two main characters 
and real life kitties – Einstein and Moo. 
Einstein is a flirty, nosey cat with some white around his mouth 
and very white whiskers, thus how he got his name. 
 He is quite talkative and will talk even more when it is close 
to mealtime; sometimes, he will play fetch. Moo is short for Mooshu,
 the name of the little sidekick in Disney’s Mulan,
 although this Mooshu is more like the second sidekick in Mulan 
named Cricket who is sweet and gentle. My Moo squeaks 
more than meows, and she loves to climb in your lap and snuggle for hours. 

Einstein & Moo and the Quest for the Catnip is the latest release 
from the Einstein and Moo children’s book series, 
which is about two black-and-white, brother and sister kitties 
that are playful, curious, friendly and have many interesting adventures.
 Einstein & Moo and the Quest for the Catnip is book three within the series 
and is about Einstein and Moo’s favorite treat, a green leafy plant called catnip. It grows outside, and even though they are indoor kitties, they want to find a way to get outside and have some. This may mean that they have to be creative and help each other, but to them, the treat is worth it! I was inspired to write about our kitties because of my love for animals, storytelling, children, and books. To me, when someone shares a book with a child, they share an act of love. So for this particular book, I was inspired by how much Einstein and Moo love the fresh catnip that my family grows in a little pot on our back porch. When they do get to have some, the kitties get the same amount of leaves; however, Moo receives her portion all at once and Einstein receives his one at a time, otherwise he will inhale his portion and all of Moo’s too!

 The first two books of the Einstein and Moo series are Einstein and the Leaf and Moo and the Case of the Mistaken Identity, and coming soon will be a coloring book based on the series.

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