Sunday, February 9, 2014

An Authors wish...can come true!

Once in a great while you meet someone,
and they change your outlook on life. 
They teach you that everything is possible...
how you accomplish is promised by your fight! 

In my lifetime I've been blessed to meet a few of these people,
but none more so than authors. 
In the time I have been able to work with authors,
I have learned several things about them. 
They are:
Brilliant (Thanks Erin)
I could go on and on, several for every letter of the alphabet. 
Because authors are a bit of everyone, 
rolled up in one BIG basket of dreams, 
moods, emotions, and personality disorders. 

Authors work day and night. 
They not only work on their books (WIP),
they work on promo, marketing, advertising, street teams,
giveaways, peace-keeping, helping one another,
and hitting the pavement for signings. 

They don't instantly become "Stephen King",
and they surely don't have the income of Donald Trump. 

But the one thing every author I've had the pleasure to work with has is...

They have a dream for readers to read their book. 
They have a dream for fandoms.
They want their books to be inspirational! 

But one author-deserves this, and much more!  
She deserves to have her birthday wish...

This month the talented  
will celebrate her 50th birthday. 
Wendy is a children's author.
She has 3 astonishing children's books out
with a fourth coming very soon!  
All 3 of her children's books have accredited 5 star reviews. 
The most popular being from Readers' Favorite ,
although in an author's world-every review matters.
*That is another post coming soon*

I work as an assistant for Wendy. 
However, lets be clear-
she has no idea I'm blogging about her,
so Shhhh
Keep the Secret!!! 
Being an assistant I see a LOT! 
I see the in and outs of the author world,
I see the challenges she faces,
I see her writing come to life,
I see her illustrations beautify from a dream,
with the incredible talent of Kelly Murray Designs, 
and I see her working....
tirelessly, dedicated, and hopeful! 
Wendy puts her whole heart into a book. 
She brings adventure, mystery, 
imagination, intrigue, 
and some of the greatest characters.
Her books have been praised for helping
families with children who have difficulty sitting through. 
They have a captivating feature,
both in the illustrations and the words. 
Together, a magical adventure arises every time. 

I know this...because I've witnessed it. 
Not just in my own children,
but school children,
friends, neighbors, family, and more!
So why I am singing praises when I should be celebrating her birthday...
Because she has a simple wish for her 50th birthday! 
To sell 50 books to readers, in lieu of birthday presents for her!

How can you help make a wish come true?
For an author-there is only one thing to do...

Buy a simple book or two! 

Wendy doesn't mind if its an eBook or print,

she just hopes to sell 50 and celebrate great gifts! 

Your neighbors and friends, your children's classrooms....

You can even donate to your local libraries eBook room!

But my goal is simple, and I hope we can acheieve,
50 books for Wendy's 50th...
Celebrate and Read!

Below are the buy links! 
I hope you'll pass this along,
and come back to tell me,
your sharing the fun! 

If you order a print book Wendy has a great gift
a very cool book plate that just fits right in. 
She'll sign it special, or just her name
whatever you wish---a very cool treat!
Buy Links:
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All eBooks are presently on sale for only $0.99. Great score!

....And to Wendy, whose reading this now going...
Candice DID WHAT?!?!?!?

Here are my thoughts...
Keep writing, reading, and sharing...
We appreciate, love, and share your passion for words and adventures!!
May your many years ahead bring GREAT success!
Lubs to you!

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  1. Wow, Thank you for the wonderful gift. Your friendship, time and support has changed my life as well. Hugs! WB