Friday, May 2, 2014

I'm Twirrely Release!

Brenda is the author of The Nut Family series! Let's learn a bit more!

Bio:  Brenda Lochinger was born March 2nd in Milwaukee, WI and is currently living in Gilbert, AZ.  She is married and has three children, two boys and a girl. She loves writing children’s books and poetry. Her hobbies include reading, writing, spending time with her family, and drawing in pen and ink. When she is not writing and taking care of family, she volunteers her time at her children’s school libraries.

Follow the adventures of Squirrely, who can't help but to be wiggly and a day dreamer!

And now presenting....

Book Synopsis: I’m Twirrely! is the second book in The Nut Family series. It’s about a sweet sassy little squirrel that just wants to dance and be with her friends and family. Twirrely takes you through her day and shows you why her name suits her so well.

Here is the link where YOU can preorder “I’m Twirrely!” for $4.99.  You will immediately be sent “I’m Squirrely!” free version and the second book will be emailed to you ("I’m Twirrely!”) ebook when it is released on 5/6 :)



Twitter: @brendalochinger

 FB: I'm Squirrely! by Brenda Lochinger

Author website:

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