Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Introducing...Little Rachel Dark

Little Rachel Dark

This is the story of Little Rachel Dark and the time she decided she was ready to find her light.

Behind the story

The story of Little Rachel literally came to me in a dream and I woke up with the title swirling around repeatedly in my mind as if my subconscious was making sure it would stick so I’d remember it once I was fully coherent. Thankfully, I did J

At the time, I had recently experienced the loss of someone very close to me and I was struggling with my own darkness. In a way, I think writing this story helped remind me of how simple it really is to turn on the light…when we’re ready.


Author Karina Gioertz (also writes under K.S. Thomas)

Dog Lover who likes her pastries full of cream and sugar….oh…and I write some 

Aside from being an author, I am also a mom to a beautiful little girl. I tell everyone I named her after my great-grandmother (because that’s the mature answer), but really, I named her after my favorite princess – just so happens I got lucky and they had the same name…If I wasn’t a writer, I would work on a horse ranch – I’m an animal lover (in addition to dogs, horses are at the top of my list). I wear flip-flops pretty much everywhere I go. I would rather stay awake until 5 am than get up at 5 am (years of bar tending have left their mark), if I can, I’m going to the beach AND I will always be nice to people who bring me chocolate…or coffee…if you bring me both, I’ll probably love you forever.

A gypsy at heart, I write the way I live, following the story wherever it may lead, always ready to start the next one. This is clearly reflected in my body of work which to date includes everything from Children’s Lit to Thrillers.

I happily reside in sunny Florida (for now) and can be contacted via my blog, my website  or the following social media sites ~



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