Saturday, May 3, 2014

Something Scary In Frogville

Today my son and I re-read Sonething Scary in Frogville by Perry Perkins. This is a book we had read previously but wanted to refresh our thoughts on. 

Let's start with my sons review. 
     5 stars of fun. Loved it. 
  The frogs are very fun but learn. 

Okay-now important mommy facts:

Perry has created a wonderful children's book and I am greatly looking forward to more children's books from him. The first in his series focuses on learning about love and centers around loving those with differences. Perry creates characters that are true to life and children could relate to, but brings unique adventures woven through. Find out what the neighborhood learns when they take a step back and find their hearts!! 

Easily a 5 star for fun, family time, educational value, and moral content! We highly recommend this read! 

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