Thursday, March 10, 2016

Amy Bowling

Amy Bowling!!! 

And her best selling children's book-
No More Animals.
Dad and his family move to a farm with their dog and cats and chaos follows. A hilarious adventure, of page after page of singsong rhymes. The family starts out with four animals when they moved from the city to a twenty acre farm. Within the first few weeks of living there they bought two goats. This is quickly followed by more dogs, ducks and more even more goats. Dad, never knowing what new creature he would find when he gets home, started getting a little grumpy about all of these new mouths to feed and telling his wife and daughter "no more animals". However his wife and daughter thought they needed to fill up the farm. The dogs, ducks and goats were only the beginning. Soon to be added were llamas, horses, and chickens. Every time they brought home a new animal, Dad would say, "No More Animals". Every time they would listen for a day or sometimes two before they would bring home more. The more animals they got, the more craziness ensued and the more frustrated Dad got until one day he decided that even though he said "No More Animals" he loves them all and wouldn't trade them for anything. Based on a true story.

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