Sunday, March 13, 2016

Esma Race

Introducing Esma Race, Author,
Veronica Castle, Illustrator

Esma Race was born and raised in the small Cheshire village of Weaverham. She has a great love for the natural world, and has always been able to sense the nature spirits which feature in her stories. She is very interested in natural healing, and is a practising reflexologist in the North of England, where she lives with Geoff, her husband of 45 years. She is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and enjoys reading, walking, travelling, gardening, and English history. 

Glodwyn the Gnome is a bit of a rebel. 
His job is to watch over the ancient woodland,
 but his good-natured interest in the human world seen 
through the eyes of his unknowing "friend", Walter the Stacker Truck Driver 
at the local factory, leads him to interfere in their affairs, with interesting 
results for all concerned. With his help, the Fairy Folk rescue a little boy
 from drowning, save the life of an injured cat and later that of a confused 
old lady who collapses in the Wood. A series of illustrated short stories for children.

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