Wednesday, March 9, 2016

KB Carr

So I had the incredible pleasure of meeting and working
with K.B. Carr. KB is an incredible story teller. 
Children love the crazy, silly stories she shares. 
But more-so, children love the characters and
adventures of those characters within her books! 
Please enjoy learning more... 

Introducing, K.B. Carr

K.B. Carr is someone who is lucky enough to be able
 to do what she loves best- learn more stuff!
Her mother wanted to know why she asked so many questions all the time. 
K.B. told her that she asked because she wanted to know stuff.
“Curiosity killed the cat.”, her mother said.
 “But, satisfaction brought her back!”, K.B. replied.
K.B. is the mother of two children, Ryan and Kelsey,
 and she tries really hard to answer all their questions if she can.
She lives in West Michigan with her dog, Captain Jack. 
Jack is a girl dog with a boy’s name.
K.B. says that Ryan, Kelsey and Jack are her favorite Weird & Wacky Creatures.
 And, they always will be.

Strange, but true...

Are aliens among us? 
Out there, somewhere in the world, are weird creatures that could very easily be aliens from other planets, but they share the same Earth that we do. 
Some of them you’ve heard of, but you may not know everything that makes them strange and unusual. Others, you may never have heard of and you may have a hard time believing that they really exist, but I assure you that they do, and I have the pictures to prove it. 
Is truth stranger than fiction? 
You decide... 

To Parents and Teachers: 
This book has been written with the reluctant reader in mind. It will hopefully spark a child’s natural curiosity, improve reading comprehension, as well as spelling skills. Another worthy goal is to foster an interest in science and wildlife biology, especially for girls. 
Kids can also use it as an educational reference tool, with the ability to write a full page report on each animal with the information given. Each chapter includes the scientific name, other names the animal may have, species classification, IUCN status, biome, food source, physical facts, and of course, what makes the animal so fascinating-the weird animal facts! 
All the informational resources are listed in each chapter, so facts can be verified and expanded. There is a Glossary of Terms in the back, with the terms highlighted in bold throughout the book. This meets the Common Core Educational standard, teaching children to look up the definition of words they may not be familiar with. 
Part of the proceeds for this book go to support the World Wildlife Foundation. 
Kids can learn early on that they have a stake in how our planet operates, and wildlife conservation can be an excellent place to start. It’s never too early to lean about fascinating animals. 



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