Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Meet Maggie Van Galen, with Keeno and Ernest!

Maggie van Galen is the award-winning author of the Keeno and Ernest children’s book series. Growing up in Northern Michigan, she listened to her father’s stories, imagining characters, being transported to the locations and engaging in the plots.

Maggie has always written as a sort of escapism…writing poetry, studying journalism and creative writing in college. After graduating from Michigan State University in 1991, she entered the corporate world of sales and marketing. After the death of her father in 1995, and meeting the man of her dreams, Maggie moved to Boston to work for a marketing firm, but writing always pulled her back. She has published a book of poetry called An Inside Look…and wrote for a small-town New Hampshire newspaper. In 2000, she moved to London and worked at The Economist for 3 years and had 2 beautiful boys.

As happiness began shining in her personal life the stories and words started to flow. After years of telling stories to her boys and their friends, Maggie decided to share them with the world. She truly hopes that you enjoy them too! Maggie now lives with her family on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Both The Adventures of Keeo and Ernest ~ The Banana Tree and The Diamond Mine has been named a Mom’s Choice Awards® Silver Recipient in family-friendly media, products and services!

The Adventures of Keeno and Ernest ~ The Banana Tree has been award the “This Book Rocks! StoryTime Jam” award for best picture book from StoryTime by Design, Inc.

Maggie is the author of The Adventures of Keeno and Ernest

 ~ "The Banana Tree" and "The Diamond Mine."  

These are children's book about friendship, 

trust and a learning some very important life lessons. 

 Come on in and see the adventures of following her dreams!  

If you've ever been curious about what it's like being

 an author children's books, you've come to the right place. 

Apart from being a parent, she think it's the best job in the world.

Keeno is a mischievous little monkey, 
and his best friend Ernest 
is a clever and responsible young elephant.

In the "Banana Tree," Keeno spots a big, shiny banana tree,
 but it is far away—all the way on the other side of the river
 of their jungle home—and his parents have told him never
 to cross the river without an adult. Ernest reminds him of this, 
but Keeno decides to cross anyway. When he finds himself
 in great danger, he must rely on his friend Ernest to rescue him!
 In the end, Keeno learns two very valuable lessons
 about friendship and following family rules.

In "The Diamond Mine", Keeno wants to give his mom a 
beautiful diamond from the diamond mine and plans to swap
 it out for the river rock he has found.  Ernest explains that
 this would be stealing, but Keeno decides it’s just a trade. 
 Follow the adventure as Keeno finds himself in great danger 
and relies on Ernest to rescue him...again!  In the end, Keeno 
learns two very valuable lessons about friendship 
and asking before taking.

Where can you find the books or more info?

Outskirts Press

In store:
  1. Little's Block of Shoppes, Georgetown, MA
  2. Jabberwocky Bookshop, Newburyport, MA
  3. The Dragon's Nest, Newburyport, MA
  4. Learning Express, Andover, MA
  5. West Village Provisions, Boxford, MA


In libraries at schools and in your local towns.  
If you library does not carry The Adventures 
of Keeno and Ernest, please have them contact Maggie
and she will be happy to arrange a copy be sent to them.
Who's the Publisher?
The Adventures of Keeno & Ernest "The Banana Tree" and "The Diamond Mine" are published by Outskirts Press, Inc. of Parker, CO.

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